Auto change costume & other chat macros


There are a number of macros to use in chat, I'm trying to use the "/costume" or "/cs" one, but I don't know if it's poorly documented or just doesn't support removal of the outerwear.

I'm not entirely happy with using the fashion shortcuts, as the only thing really changing with my "fashion" is my clothing. I just found a new preferred accessory and would have to update numerous sets of fashions instead of just changing the clothing.

Also I find that "/cs" doesn't change anything other than Outerwear ... is this correct? Or are there other commands for base and innerwear?

The only way I actually found all this is people posting over the internet, I found no real documentation of this, which I find extremely poor.

A complete list of what the macros are and how to use them, with their full specs would be so helpful.

Being able to switch my outfit and palette and weapon from a single shortcut is very useful. It'd also be useful to be able to on and off the visibility of my armour (battle mode ... nyahahaha). But it just seems a little incomplete.


You'll have to use the "My Fashion" command instead:

I know about the "mf" shortcuts, but that changes the entire fashion set. There's only one or two items I really want to change. Most of the "fashion" items are the same across an entire character.

Which is fine, until I find a replacement accessory, like a new tail. Which then has to be updated for each fashion set.

Which would be fine, if it wasn't such a labourious task to actually update all the fashions. Given the very slow loading times when switching and poor menu interfaces.

Then you cannot do it, I'm afraid. Even Final Fantasy XIV requires you to change whole sets of glamour/gear with commands at once. I wish Tree of Savior even had commands that affected armor / appearance / gear.