What is the difference between the casual and hardcore prologue quests?

I'm curious because I doubt I'll have time for a second run through.

Casual always sticks to low level mobs. You can one shot most enemies, this is a difficulty perfect for those who just want to enjoy the story.

Hardcore scales enemies to your level as much as possible. It provides a challenge for you to overcome and if you do so the clerk at the Title counter will have a reward for you.

It seems a silly question but can you redo the prologue with a current char to try and capture that reward?

@KnightHarb1nger So if you've already done a story quest and got the reward on one of your characters (SG tickets, Triboosts, etc.), you cannot obtain them on another character on the account since they are once per account.

Make it a habit to also do the story quests on Hardcore, since they usually offer a title that gives SG if you manage to S-Rank the fight.

Oh! forgot to mention you have to S-rank it. Thx Yumi

Thanks for this - I was really wondering the difference. No wonder so many ppl were joining level 20 Missions @ lvl 3 lol

It is just the difficulty of the prologue and it doesn't affect the game after the prologue. It said something about it when you were at the part where you can choose either casual or hardcore IIRC.

@Lynn-F So does this mean that you only have one chance to S-rank a given story mission/quest?

@starkeblue No, you can attempt as many times as you have to, but you can only get the title reward once per account.

@Lynn-F Thanks for the info... i thought hardcore was if you die lose your stuff. I did one at the very begining as casual then almost another, but i couldn't find nanything about so i couldn't do any until the game explained why i had to pick casual or hardcore.