Collection Folder Item at 100%, but won't drop

I have 5 collection folder sheets ongoing, and all 5 of them have the last item of the file at 100% for the last 4-5 days now, but the items do not drop.

Sometimes the collection folder requires certain enemies to have it drop the item. (But it doesn't tell you this.) Try killing different types of bosses in emergency codes. They also might not be able to drop if you're in a party with another actual person/player.

I don't know about that, its been sitting at 100% for about 4 days now, and I play every mission type, with or without a full party involved 😕

Sorry, I had the problem in JP too, and that was my solution to it. I had the issue on Viola 13-Star egg in JP version.

@Blue-Froman Could you take a screenshot of one of your Collection Sheets to show which section is not completing?