Ship 1: Sonic Collaboration Pack for sale

Was accidentally gifted a Sonic Collaboration Pack from my friend when I already purchased it. Looking to get 17mil for it but can negotiate prices. Once a deal is accepted, will trade the code for the meseta. Can meet on Xbox party to follow with payment.

What's included in the pack: -Sonic Suit M -Sonic Suit F -Sonic Hair 1 -Sonic Hair 2 -Emotes 602: Sonic/Tails -*Sonic Knuckles -Sonic Mask -Ragol Memory x5 -Inventory Expansion (10) x5 -Premium Set (30 Days) -Mission Pass Gold Ticket -Salon Free Pass -Character Storage Expansion (50) x5 -EXP Earned +150% x15 -Triboost +125% x10 -Grinder x500 -AC Scratch Ticket x12 -Great Enhancement Aid +50% x99

Dropping price to 13 mil, great deal and will work with you to ensure you have it activated!

@Phase10Chuck has this been sold?

Man I would hold that for 6months if I were you ^~^

Msg me. GT is im n0t french. The 0 is a zero

Can this be traded?? Iā€™m interested šŸ™‚


Thats a good deal, yeah you could rake in tons more if you held it but yeah.