Equipment with high requirement

I have a Rod that requires a higher Dex to use, but I am already a lvl 75 force. How am I supposed to be able to equip it?

Gear / Weapons don't increase base DEX, which is required for equipping gear that requires it. You need to add DEX via mags or through skill trees.

@MikeDClubb Have you leveled your Braver and Bouncer class to LV75 as well? You get a 60 DEX stat boost applied to all your classes and characters for leveling those 2 classes to 75. (30 DEX for each one, as you unlock their level 75 title reward.) Hopefully, 60 DEX is enough?

Doesn't need to be done on your main character, you can level those classes on your alts as well if you have alts that is. The stat boost will apply to all your characters.

I’m slowly leveling my characters now, it has been a process But yes I need to Thank you all!