Alt. Photon Bullet Mode (L) Needs to be renamed Alt.Rod Shot

Alt. Photon Bullet Mode (L) Is the (Fan translation) L/A. Rod Shoot Mode ring or L/Aロッドシュートモード (google translate even changes this to “Rod shoot mode”)Please consider renaming it to the fan translation name, it make way more sense in my opinion, the way it is named now will/has confused players thinking it did something for ranged weapons

I’m not sure how it’s description is worded (not on the game as I’m writing this sry) but if it says bullets explode on contact then that will also confuse people more it should be worded more like this Alternate Rod Shoot Mode “Rod Shoot projectiles explode on contact.”

Also seeing that I’m just now realizing this is the ring I had been wanting on my force I will need to make one lol I had over looked it due to the name

yeah this needs to be renamed and the description redone to explain what weapon its for

Thanks for posting this. I had no idea what it meant when I saw it in the ring shop.

@OOPSYPOOPSIES np I was also really confused