Tier Mission "Trigger PSE Burst on Rappy Slots" Is... a NIGHTMARE.

I just spent 4 hours in the casino trying to get this mission. I get that the casino is RNG, and that a person could go in and potentially get it in a single spin of the slots, but that's kind of a problem.

Yeah, I know I could easily skip the tier mission and still have plenty of time to max out the pass, but I feel like tier missions shouldn't be locked behind RNG, especially when the chance to get that event is nearly impossible to control.

In this tweet, you see me get a Triple-7, then on my next spin the game teases me with a triple-Wild, but then makes me miss it, then the Rappy intervenes, giving me a 2-way match but still making me miss out on the triple-Wild.


Ooof that was one of the few Casino COs I didn't do in the Japanese version. Should have went with "find the Lilipan graffiti."

I was actually just thinking this while chasing the tier mission.

I finished mine in only a few minutes, but my wife never finished the CO "win big on rappy slots" because she never got a PSE burst. She has had that client order since CBT.