Tear Grid/Rain of Tears.

@BlindLITE yeah I have not seen it nor some others in these list, I’m curious if they get updated weekly or if they are set

@SaviorZero82 more just went up on ship 2 I've seen lvl 8 now I was hoping to make some money but the market already went down by half in the last hour. So back to square one. See my luck with drops is horrible so just like PSU I'll need to buy my pallet and armor. So I have to depend on sales to get stronger. The drop rates on here are worse than old school maplestory.

@BlindLITE I’m on ship 1 and there are a few lv 9s but I would like to farm it for myself if I can and a few to sell tho the lv 10 that was up in the shop was set at 10bil it’s gone now but damn, the other one I’m looking for is Photonic laser I would like a 10 if it, cost way to much on the shop

Rain of Tears Level 9 surely is listed on the item log of Running Maneuvers: Naverius II / Hard.

@Fiona-Respha I’ll look again later today, I don’t think you all are wrong or anything, hell I could have just over looked it, I’ll triple check it today

@Fiona-Respha yeah I over looked it like a dummy lol that or I never looked at hard and just VH and SH

Now I just need to find photonic laser 9-10

Yeah its listed there on ship 2 but the drip rate is horrendous. Ran it about 30 times haven't gotten a single PA with anything

Now we can Tears of Rain drop level 15 on the extreme levels. More common and less rare.

Oof that drop rate for Rain of Tears though. Partizan is suffering, but its so worth it once its going

EDIT: I forgot the player shop existed for a hot minute and my problems have been solved.