Tear Grid/Rain of Tears.

Now, normally, I know where stuff like this typically drops. However, in the NA version, I haven't a clue as to where to get this Photon Art. in the JP Servers, this drops in Ultimate Lillipa. The only thing I can think of is running the story mission that involves corrupted Lillipa as a HU to be able to get a chance at it. Is there another place where this can drop? I'm not willing to drop 5 mil for it.

Wait it's in the game????? It hasn't been found along with Ignite parry since release but I wonder if it could be gotten from there or maybe from Luther.

Confirmed drop from Snow Banser

@The-Raven said in Tear Grid/Rain of Tears.:

Confirmed drop from Snow Banser

At what level? And are you sure it's normal Banther, and not Oran?

Its from hard mode snow banthers. Check the drop records for tundra FF, de mammoth subjugation and nab 2 TA. nab 2 TA is the best place to get it

@The-Raven what drop site are you using cuz all the ones I have looked at only show weapons and list no disc data

@SaviorZero82 On the item drop records there are 5 pages descending in rarity. Disks go up to 6 stars so are usually on the 3-5 pages.

I’m still confused, is the drop records in game or on a website, if it’s a website what is it if in game where do I find this option at? I mean I see some drop info when I get ready to start a quest but that only shows like 3 items, sorry I’m still learning the workings of this game

Hunter main here, earlier today I did time attack run and got the rain of tears. I didnt really like using partisan but that is a pretty powerful PA

@SaviorZero82 Choose the quest you want to check out - choose difficulty - View Quest Log - Item Log. I had to answer in a brief way since Luther is coming X)

@Fiona-Respha ah thanks for the info

@The-Raven do these list change every day cuz I have check all difficulties and Rain of tears has not been on them at lest not that I have seen, I’m not saying you are wrong I just saying I’m not seeing that PA listed at all

What’s nab 2 ta?

@Jinxpalm It is Running Maneuvers: Naverius II, found under the Time Attack category at the Quest Counter.

It doesn't drop here or at least it hasnt on ship 2 cause I went through every item log for every possible mission on super hard and it isn't there. Unless it doesn't show on the table cause I haven't seen any lvl 10 ones in the shop only 5s so far.