Trigger Quest Past Disappeared

Hey! Joined my first trigger with a group of 12 seconds after buying my first trigger pass (bought one with Star Gems I paid for with 500 AC), however we had a party leader already start the quest and use his Trigger. For whatever reason mine got used as well. Everyone in the party confirmed that shouldn’t have happened, as someone already paid for the quest. Is there any explanation? 😞

Just to confirm, we entered within 3 minutes AND never abandoned the quest.

Did you join his party by selecting "Join Party with Quest in Progress" or did you join by selecting trigger quest?

If you joined by selecting trigger quest, it consumed yours and matched you with the other parties.

Is anybody else having the problem of appearance items not sharing to all characters? Because i am and dont now how to fix it.

@Headbutt420 Aesthetic Tickets only get shared to all characters if you use two of the same Ticket. If you did do so and they are not shared, then I recommend you submit a Bug Report through the support site.