Sidestep Jump for Braver not working after maintenance

It feels like the general ability Sidestep Jump is no longer working after maintenance. I've only tried it on Braver so far. Used to be that I could do the usual jump right after dodge action and get right up to full run speed with the ability, but now its not working. Have tried switching classes back and forth, made sure the talent was still on in the talent tree, and tried different zones.

Edit: after asking other alliance members it appears that others are having this issue as well with Sidestep Jump not working.

It's not just braver. Also, I can confirm this bug on both gamepad and m&k.

Have you tried quiting the game app and/or restarting your XBox (not just putting it into the power save "Off" state)?

I'm curious if this has been resolved? I just acquired sidestep jump on my Bouncer, but I don't know how to get it to work. Hitting jump while in mid-dash (r-trigger by default on xbox controller) just seems to jump-cancel the dash and do nothing else. Or is that how sidestep jump is intended to work?

@Lofwyr007 Also wondering what's going on. Playing Ranger, I roll and hit spacebar to, which is supposed to transition into a slide, and nothing happens.

EDIT: NVM I think I figured it out. When you are sliding or rolling, around the halfway mark or end of the animation you hit jump (also hold down a directional button while doing this), and you should do a little hop (if you hold jump down it seems like you will jump higher) and it should make a sound effect when you land, and once you land you will be running in whatever direction you were holding down. So it's a quick way to go from stationary to running.