Season 1 Mission Pass no longer tracking Stars, also can't buy tiers with SG

I have the Gold rewards unlocked for the Season 1 Mission Pass, and it says the 'Order Period Ends: Apr 28, 2020' on my account. But the Stars I'm earning now in Season 2 are not transferring over to Season 1. Also, not that I want to, but I can't even buy tiers with SG. Is this a bug?

Since Season 2 already started, Season 1 is done. You can collect rewards from it that you already completed and haven't obtained yet, but you can't do anything else with it. April 14 was the end of gaining anything for it in relation to tiers.

@Ragnawind I see. That makes sense, though it also means buying the Mission Pass later in the season would be a really bad idea. Other games with battle pass-like systems let you catch up much easier. Thanks for the help!