LGBT+ Gamers?

Hi everyone!! Just wanting ro connect with my fellow lgbt+ gamers!! Im a huge nerd so love interacting with my community digitally ๐Ÿ™‚

Hey โœŒ Glad to meet a fellow gaymer! Do you know if there are any LGBT+ alliances in the Xbox version of the game? I've been playing solo a lot, but I'd love to actually play together with people...

Also an LGBTQ+ gamer. I'll be joining with the PC release.

I am on ship 2 if you ever want to play! GT: I did camp Currently trying to get the hubby to play as well.

I run an LGBTQ+ ALLIANCE on Ship 3. We only have 2 members atm but trying to advertise best I can. AFAIK I'm the only one on ship 3.

Feel free to hit me up!


hey everyone, just joined! will be playing this with several others but not sure which ship to join yet. gonna begin later today when the server is back up

In another thread, there were about 6 LGBT+ individuals deciding to join Ship 02. Yยดall may want to do the same.

Hello! any alliances????????????

well, Ship 2 was full by the time i started, so we got on Ship 3, but i'm told you can swap between them?

@manymasters you cannot swap between ships, yet. Possibly a paid transfer later. Come join Revolution on Ship 3!

Hey! There's an LGBT discord for all players regardless of ship (and we promote lgbt alliances if you have one/are looking for one)

I've recently made an alliance on Ship 2 and made a Discord for it if anyone's interested. Link's in my signature and profile. ๐Ÿ™‚

I'm in ship 1!!

We're 50 members and growing!