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Also don't forget there was that whole game pass mess up early on, so unless they completely removed every item from that the people that exploited it, that would already put a decent amount of inflation into the games economy.

Don't they still have issues with duping?

Wouldn't know of any in game issues like that, but that is even more of a reason to do something for the PC players when we finally get to play, instead of just dropping us into the game with a potentially messed up economy.

I don't know either, I just know it was a problem at some point.

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I guarantee you people will still be miffed about no steam release.

Already happened...


You perceived it to be lack of communication. They said initially it was coming out Spring 2020. And they have kept to that. Even if they had announced May 2020 for PC, would that have stopped the angst about the BETAs being ran on Xbox? No. So it would have been the same reactions.

@RynMuse the first Gamepass perk package was a special, exclusive, package that was not going to happen again, the exploits made them change the special, exclusive package for player who had not redeemed it yet.

When I started on JP, Dance 20 cost 40 Million. Most free to play games that sell tradable items through premium have this issue, it isn't exclusive to PSO2.

If those crummy cosmetics that don't even look good are really worth fighting over, more power to you, but it isn't going to change the exclusivity of those items.

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When I started on JP, Dance 20 cost 40 Million. Most free to play games that sell tradable items through premium have this issue, it isn't exclusive to PSO2.

Same in Tree of Savior. The Gumiho Tails cost 400,000,000 Silver (their normal in-game currency.) While the premium service consumable item costs 9,000,000 Silver at least. (Yeah, their premium service consumable, called a "Token" is marketable.)

It would have narrowed it down to a more defined time, instead of the incredibly vague Spring 2020, some would have complained, but I am pretty sure many would have been more content to at least have a more defined time frame. Also it was still a lack of communication on their part, they buried the announcement at the bottom of the official Xbox launch announcement, had given any kind of response other than a copy paste of Spring 2020 over and over and avoided any other kind of actual answer by going radio silent on the topic.

I couldn't care less about the cosmetics from that first game pass, my real concern with it was that unless they either A) perma banned the exploiters or B) removed all the excess of the exploited items(namely that 1 million meseta) thats a lot of currency just being dumped into the games economy that will inflate the prices of things just by the pure fact that a lot will just see it as 'oh everyone had access to this so its normal for the price of {insert item here} to be this high'. I know 1 million meseta on its own if a fairly trivial amount in the long run, but take that and multiply it by all the people that exploited it, and that could be a problem. I am looking at it as, the exploiting of it got bad enough where they had to just shut down the game pass until it was fixed and the next one came out, so that means at least a significant number of people did use the exploit.