Keyboard and mouse support is very limited

Please update the keyboard and mouse functions. There is some customization's but it's still very limited. I can't customize all buttons to special buttons.

Yes the 3 attacks seem to work but thats all. I'm using Logitech G403 and my two side buttons do not work. (seems to only move chat up and down only). I set them for dodge and jumping (like i do in every mmo) but it will not work. I switched around the buttons to see if it just that functions but still not working. I hope this get fixed in future, game is playable but I like my jump on my mouse!!

@Unimatrix-Prime Agreed. I use all logitech and the Gbuttons are useless

Same, I use a logitech M705, a 7-button mouse, and I can only use the main two buttons and the scroll, even though there are options for side buttons, they don't work. Even if I map my side buttons to keypresses, they don't do anything. Is there a workaround??

@CragOrion As far as look no workaround.