ESRB Rating temporarily reduced to T for Teen

This is linked to the delay caused by SEGA JP's work from home policy. PSO2JP was going to be "upgraded" to the CERO equivalent of M for Mature during this month, but was delayed due to their new content being delayed.

Why does this matter? Well, it means that Episode 6 is the cause of the rating, firstly. Secondly, if our rating was initially supposed to be M because of Episode 6 content, that means that we are indeed getting all of the content.

(that last line is in reference to those who keep saying we aren't going to get the content or catch up to Japan)

(p.s., all your "the game is rated M" arguments just vanished)

PSO2NA already has Episode 6 content in its data files iirc, it's just all locked. Thus its M Rating is still justified, as it had to be approved of with the content that's in the game already, data files and all. This reminds me of what FFXIV Director/Producer Naoki Yoshida said about how the ESRB rates their MMORPG, which is probably how it works for any game that has expansions/etc. He said that the ESRB Rating of the whole game (base game included) cannot be changed until an expansion when they submit the game for re-review.

Since the game already has a rating in its target country, North America, then it's not going to change because JP version's changes.

@coldreactive you can check the Microsoft store if you like.

The postponement of the rating change means that the content involving that rating isn't even part of the JP game yet, so why would it be locked in ours somewhere?

It's true

Weird, I'd have figured the rating was different due to the perceived cultural differences. Really makes one think. 6YToyEF.png

@Mattwo7 when I checked the Austrailian website foe ratings, it still shows as M (submitted in January) but it states the applicant is IARC.

The mission of IARC is to streamline the rating process for different regions by using the host nation's rating system and converting it to others.

I never saw anything saying CERO was participating, however. PSO 2 still hasn't made it to the ESRB website either, which makes me think it wasn't submitted to them to review, it is simply using an intermediate authority instead.


Adding link for IARC as citation.

Link for Australia's rating, lists IARC as applicant if you scroll down.

@GM-Deynger will the rating return to M for Mature once the CERO rating change for PSO2 in Japan is scheduled once more?

Apparently, lot of players have said that the MS Store's Teen rating has been there before closed beta. So it might not be accurate info.

@LapisWave I remember seeing it on the store as M at one point, but I admit I cannot confirm exactly how long ago it was, sometime back during an argument on Twitter lol.

@John-Paul-RAGE yeah it was M then it dropped to T then it went back to M and now it’s back to T again

I think best way to get the answer is from GM. Since the website is still saying M.

@LapisWave yeah, that and for the ESRB to actually have the Rating on their website. It uses the ESRB logo but remains off their website, so can it be used as grounds for termination?

Not that I have ever seen a preteen get banned from Call of Duty.

@John-Paul-RAGE said in ESRB Rating temporarily reduced to T for Teen:

@GM-Deynger will the rating return to M for Mature once the CERO rating change for PSO2 in Japan is scheduled once more?

Hrm. Going to look into this and get back to you all.