Why no crafting still?

So crafting when can we expect it to be unlocked now that the game has released? It was the one thing I was hoping to open up once the game released and as far as I can tell it's not not here yet.

Probably won't be a thing until Episode 4.

Just to Copy/Paste what I speculated in another thread:

"...the crafting system, or at least the Weapon Extension portion of it, won't be made available until we have a decent number of 14☆s, or maybe until we have 15☆s, since it would only be NT Weapon Crafting, and EX1 Crafted NT Weapons have equivalent stats to mid/high-end 13☆s and at full EX they are like high-end 14☆/low-end 15☆."

It is possible they may add in portions of the system, like PA and Tech customization, before that, but right now we don't really know.

aka: wheres the REST of my effing game? "we will have everything they have in japan".

also.. how did fishing make it in if crafting didnt?

We do need to get PA/Tech customization and timed abilities in. Hunters are missing range on their attacks without having Sacrificial Bite Type 0. Other classes are missing other abilities. In addition anyone looking at their titles has likely noticed that tab where it's just a bunch of ??????s, that's all related to the crafting system.

I believe crafting was an episode one or episode 2 feature, kinda weird it's not in the game TBH.

Crafting was in way before episode 4, I have to agree with the other post, how did we get rings and gathering when that came after crafting? lol

once you combine 2 rings you cant even upgrade them anymore... so 2 level 20 rings combine into a level 1 ring that you cant upgrade because the item isnt in the game.

so since its "released".. WHERES MY GAME?

@MEGAF1UX Why would you even waste time grinding a combined ring? Their effects are maxed out at lv1; the minuscule stats you get from grinding one are't worth the meseta it would cost you, even if Pure Photons were available.

Crafting was a late Episode 2 feature, I believe. They'll probably add it around whenever the Mining Base Defense EQs get added, since those were the first real source of Lilipariums.

We won't be able to grind combo rings until we get seasonal s, 4th featured quest, event shops or any other NA exclusive they add to get them.

Rings do not equal crafting. This is a different feature from personal rooms.

@coldreactive @AndrlCh Hard to believe they don't have the crafting system in yet when they have alot of other features that far surpasses the current version released (weapon sheets, gathering/fishing, quality of life tweaks, etc were all post episode 4). Crafting itself was in the game for 1-2 years before episode 4 even hit the JP servers, so it is already very weird how the content is being trickled in like this.