The game officially released but will there ever be an official discord?

You guys practically have all the social media down pat, but no discord in sight. Will it ever be made? Most people such as myself don't use social media but a great many use discord. It'll be easier to interact with users, spread all kinds of news/updates and I'm sure the GM's can get creative with the community!

That'd be a total show lol

There doesn't need to be a discord for a game that is already got a set course how it's going to go. There are some good unofficial ones out there too.

This website has been working fine for me when it comes to spreading news and updates. Splitting the user base between here and an official discord would just make it harder to reach everyone with a unified message.

The PSO2 subreddit server is a decent place. It has news feeds for all of segac's social media so you don't miss any info. An officially sanctioned discord server would be fine but there's already at least one established server I know of and it would be redundant for segac to make their own. Plus, it would be more work for the community managers and most of us already despise them for how they handled PSU.