Changes I'd like to see to casts

After investing a lot of time into a cast character I have decided to create a new character, there's a few reasons why. Let's talk about some of the cool/exclusive features of the race.

  • Some hairstyles/makeup/accessories are exclusive to them.

  • Alternate movement type that allows them to hover exclusive to them.

  • Great melee and ranged attack, as well as higher health than other races.

  • Black scelra eye customization to make sp00ky characters, combine with sanpaku eyes for full effect.

  • Everybody's favorite adorably psychotic ranger trainer, Risa, is also a cast. [BONUS] She's also voiced by Kana Hanazawa in the Japanese audio.

With all of that said, I think that the negatives of casts outweighs the positive, here's why.

  • Inability to wear most "humanoid" outfits despite being humanoid themselves. If you take off your body parts they look like any other race.

  • Arm and leg parts CANNOT be removed from your inventory, only swapped, much like innerwear and basewear, except that they actually take inventory space, meaning a full set is 3 slots.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but they also can't use eye customization acquired through tickets, such as star contacts for example, not really a big deal but people that love to customize every aspect of their character might dislike that.

  • Very poor tech attack. I don't think this needs explaining, if you're playing a tech class you most definitely will NOT want to play a cast due to their inferior tech attack.

The only humanoid outfits that CASTs can't wear are one-piece Costumes that can be color changed; they can wear all Layered Wear and any Costumes with a fixed color. Based on the current Japanese catalog of outfits, there will eventually be more humanoid outfits that CASTs can wear than they cannot.

This is something I have also always disliked. Especially without expanding your inventory, those 2 to 3 slots that Parts take up can be a big pain.

CASTs can use Eyes obtained through Tickets; if you used one and it did not show up in the salon for you to use, I would recommend submitting a bug report through the support site.

Ultimately, the difference in TEC-Pwr between a Female Newman (the highest) and CASTs (both male and female are tied for the lowest) is not as significant as you would think. A Female Newman has a TEC-Pwr modifier of ~110% while for CASTs it is ~96% (for reference Male Humans are 100% for TEC-Pwr); especially at higher levels this is at most a ~3%/4% damage difference, which is not that much when you consider that you will be hitting in tens to hundreds of thousands for damage.