Please don't do SG Scratches

I know this is probably gonna get ignored because it'd be saying no to a profitable monetization method but i wanna share my thoughts anyway.

The Mission Pass system is great. I really think it's a great addition to the game but having it plus all the other things you can currently dump your Star Gems on is not gonna be a good look for the game.

In JP version of the game you can spend 80 SG ($4) on a SG scratch which gives you a Account Bound item that you may or may not like. If you wanna trade for an item you want you have to scratch 40 times (32 during special weeks) which means you gotta spend 3200SG (2560SG during special weeks). That's $117 ($96 during special weeks) just for 1 single item of your choice. and many costumes in the SG Scratch consist of Multiple Items.

This already is pretty bad compared to AC scratches where its only 200AC a pop ($2) and if you don't get what you want you can trade with other players and get meseta to eventually buy the stuff you do actually want. Because of this steep price F2P players have only one choice, Laserfocus on Content that rewards SG or else pay. This severely devalues content that might have cool rewards but nobody cares because there are no SG to obtain (like Advance Quests, Extreme Quests, Riding Quests etc.). On the other side that also means that players are incentivised to sit on their rewarded SG for months, maybe even Years instead of using it on stuff like Triggers, SG Shop, Skill tree swap, Pets, etc.).

Mission Pass is a great system to fix that. Similarly to SG scratches it also gives Account bound items however it does not require luck and is always priced the same so F2P players can more easily plan their SG spendings and use it on other sources, like the Fresh Finds Shop. Most importantly it incentivises you to play all sorts of content in order to clear the Tier Missions. Adding SG Scratches would ruin that. Especially since some SG Sources got removed in this version (like the 40 weekly SG in Casino). So please don't add SG scratches otherwise you're gonna overmonetize this game. Because being Premium in JP feels like being a F2P player with benefits and not a Premium player. So far Premium feels like Premium on NA and i don't want this to change.

I generally agree with you. Speaking personally I would welcome the addition of SG scratches if the items were also tradeable. Of course i'd also like it if we had more sources to get SG's but I feel like making them tradeable is a more "reasonable" ask. I do wonder if they're simply testing the waters on SG scratches since the swap store for it says limited time.

I really don't mind the differences between NA and JP in terms of monitization. Or at least didn't. My biggest pet peeve being now preview for fresh finds and the one purchase only lock. At the same time I wonder why they decided to change it for NA. If anything I feel like Japan is far more welcoming to gaccha like systems than NA would be. So why go hard on the loot box esque stuff here when we're actively trying to make those count as gambling?

Fresh finds would work better if the selection was bigger. Like 3 sets of items with multiple items at a bundle price per week. 3 single items that are set and have a formula where the set items won't recycle until the full list has been covered daily. And 5 completely randomized SG items daily. This gives some incentive to log in and check if your favorite item has randomized into the line-up- you saw it once and didn't have the SG for it and you've been saving and holding onto a certain amount for it to show up again. Doesn't pressure anyone to spend money right away and rewards you for actually playing the game and finding ways to gather SG. As it is now we have sets we can't even look into or check what they look like on our characters- no guarantee any of the dailies will ever return and people missing out left and right on items they want to complete their set fashion because of multiple items they need appearing too soon from their last buy.. SG will always come second to AC due to how much more expensive it is yet is still for some reason less useful... Just get rid of SG scratches and improve fresh finds instead. Keep AC scratch as is.

@Cathy lol Cathy, our prophet trying to save the game months before disaster hit. If only they listened xD

@Z0DIAK-BRAVE well i didn't predict one thing. It's even worse than what i expected.

SG Scratch exchange tickets are bound to frequency bonus in NA so being smart about it with Recycle badges and spending only 32 of them during special weeks wont even work. All your progress from one SG scratch wont carry over to the next one either because it again doesn't use the badge recycle system for the exchange tickets.

JP used this system once and everyone hated it so much that they never bothered to try it again. Guess the people in charge for NA didn't get the memo...