Can we talk about the mesetan shooter controls when using a controller?

They are awful. So I am supposed to aim AND fire with the same thumb? When there are 2 triggers on the controller? Really? Please Sega, please fix this. I want to love this minigame.

@Siniztah Mesetan Shooter uses the same controls as OTS View, so you could reassign everything to be better suited for your needs via the Control Settings: alt text

there is by default 3 buttons that can fire X, Left Trigger or Right Bummper all work the same speed and can be held down

I thought everyone played PSO2 with "dark souls" buttons, every attack/weapon action on triggers and bumpers, otherwise how do you aim or switch from normal view to OTS view without stooping to charge the attack?

I thought the same thing until I found out that the back palette button fires, thank goodness! @landman I keep wanting this to be my set up, but if I do this I either have to give up one of the bumpers or triggers (which I either want dodge or jump, also good for TPS controls) for the back palette button, or I have to switch to palette toggle mode. When using a talis to throw one out then cast a technique on a different palette, it requires one extra cumbersome input as well as always trying to monitor which one is on. Holding and releasing is one input and you the tactile feedback of knowing whether your finger is depressed or not.

Great job Microsoft, this is making me want an Elite Controller haha.

I don't recall making any changes to the controls and it works just fine using the control sticks to move and aim, and the right bumper (which I believe is one of the default attack buttons anyway) to fire.

Matter of fact the only issues I've had with the controls is when using the "lock on" feature in ranged combat, particularly with enemies like the Quatz Dragon that keeps flying out of range and suddenly my strafing turns into spinning around in circles like a shortbus simpleton and the camera does a complete 180 away from the target so I have no fecking clue if anything's coming at me.