New urgent quest last boss fight

Just curious if anyone actually beat him and what you thought about the fight

had about 11 minutes left when fight ended on SH, the key to that quest is when the 4 swords come out and you seem to freeze if you button smash (not sure if it's attack or movement stick, I do both) you can cut the stun time about in half and have plenty of time to destroy the sword near you (and then sometimes other ones) each sword you remove makes 1/4 of the area safe to stand on

The key to the fight is just for people to properly coordinate.

When the forearm armor breaks, everyone should be on the same exposed weakpoint.

When someone uses Blind on the main clock and it opens, everyone needs to attack it to break it. It can only be opened 3 times and if it is broken, it makes the rest of the fight much easier since it becomes a permanent weakpoint.

If both of these things are done, it also dissipates the barrier around the weakpoint underneath his beak-cloak.

Also, if you get the timing down, you can dodge/sidestep to avoid the time-stop completely.

Yeah, failing to destroy the weak point after breaking his armor is no burning.

He gonna spank you for that.

where do you get blind I have been playing since CBT and still have not came across it anywhere

@Miarkraim It is a randomly dropped Ability, but the most reliable way to proc it is Wind Techs.

Oh ever since I did the story quest and looked up Luther I had been trying to find an ability called "Blind" didn't notice the Wind Techs had the blinded status chance, knew about burned and frozen for Fire and Ice Tech's but didn't think to look for a Blinded

Good info here. I muddled my way through it yesterday. Wish I knew about some of this stuff. We beat him with 4 mins left.

Today went much better while communicating what to do.

Just shouted to start with the left and attack the marked weak point, guided everyone with my blight rounds.

Got lots of goodies.

Glad they actually added content that can hand you your butt. The game was freakishly easy before this guy.

@GamerKillance once everyone learns it, it will go back to being super easy. Our balancing is very strong for EP 1 - 3 content. Biggest take away is people gotta start learning or else they will get left behind.

just had it bug out on me killed Dark Falz Luther and got the items from the egg but never got the suppress complete message and the telepipe never showed up was stuck in there and had to log out to get out of the stage

@Miarkraim said in New urgent quest last boss fight:

the egg

You mean the darker core? (Which all bossess drop for some reason)

Team I'm in killed him in 3 minutes. I don't really know what's going on half the time but most other people seem to understand the fight. I need to read the guide..

As a JP player, I was happy to experience it again without him being broken left, broken right, forced dps check because players too strong, come back, broken clock, wait till he can move, break beak and knock him down, and then quest over unless he forces second dps check which to that it'll be over right when he comes back. This is what generally happens there.

I'm sure soon he'll be dying super quickly so I'll just enjoy him as much as I can. Though the times don't really work for my schedule so I won't see too much of him. ;-;