Techter Passive and skill ring not working properly

Hi,Techter main here and as I was buffing Shifta and Deband i noticed I would have to frequently rebuff after every minute or so. I have the passive that should extend my buffs to 3 mins but even with it on i still have to rebuff every minute or so, it's even the same with the skill ring the buffs are only there for a minute before wearing off. I thought i should bring this up due to the fact that most people dont seem to notice it and i hope this gets fixed soon.

The Techter Skill Extended Assist extends the cap of Shifta/Deband's effect time from 60 seconds to 180 seconds, but a single Charged Shifta/Deband may not automatically give you a full 3 minutes.

Without Longarm Assist, each tick of Shifta/Deband only gives 15 seconds of effect, so a fully charged Shifta/Deband will only give you 60 seconds (4 ticks); with Longarm Assist, each tick gives you 45 seconds, so the full four ticks should get you to the 180 seconds.

However, there is a quirk with support Techs that could be causing the issue: support Techs will cut each other off if they are cast while the other is still going on. For example, say you cast a charged Shifta and then start to charge a Deband; if you release the charge on the Deband before all four ticks of Shifta hit, like say only two ticks have hit, you will not get the rest of those Shifta ticks.

@AndrlCh so essentially i have to wait for the full spell to go off before casting the next one? If thats the case then ok i didnt know that i thought it was broken, game didnt explain that part about how the buffs worked

@Snorrlacks Basically, yeah. The same thing will happen if you try to cast any support Tech (Resta, Anti, Shifta, Deband, Megiverse, Zondeel, Zanverse) while another is going on; like if you shoot off a Zanverse, and then you immediately cast Resta, the Zanverse field will dissipate.