Please have the option to Lock Symbol Art

Please add an option to lock symbol art to include alliance badges. These lock options should make it to where only the creator, friends, or alliance members are the only ones able to use them. I see in the NA xbox servers that there are a lot of smaller and toxic alliances stealing and using alliance emblems from more respectable alliances. I feel that this way, people will appreciate the art more and maybe even attempt to learn to make their own custom symbol art in-game.

Could you elaborate a bit more on what you mean by "lock"?

@AndrlCh sorry, my first time posting. I was just finish editing what I wanted to say. lol.

Oh, I like that idea.

Seconded. Aside from it essentially amounting to art theft, and although some of the stuff out there could scarcely be called "art" others clearly have put in a serious amount of time, effort, and talent, it should not be possible for other groups/individuals to steal it in order to impersonate someone else.

There should be two categories: locked, and shared. Things like Alliance Emblems, Shop Logos, and other such symbols which are a personal representation/identification (a trademark, in essence) should not be something any Tom, Dick, or Harry can snip out of their history and claim as their own, and thus would go into the "locked" category. Meanwhile all the memes, emojis, or "reaction pics" can be in the "shared" file because their meant to be spread around.

It's one of the things keeping me from getting invested at all in learning how to do Symbol Art. I hate to think that I could put effort into making something just for someone else to snag it, claim it as their own, or worse yet use it to discredit or troll myself or others.

When the PC version comes out, they will simply be able to take a screenshot of the banner and use the third-party Symbol Art editor to make it. I won't be doing this, taking other people's banners, personally but I'm just informing you all of what can/will happen.

@coldreactive I don't know how things work in Japan but here in America we have copyright laws. Someone could do this, yes. And that same someone could be taken to court for it. But only if the devs allow us to make a distinction between what can be shared and what's off-limits.

@zaffy2005 all the symbol art (even user created) belongs to SEGA based on the terms of service, so SEGA is the only one that has the authority to take someone to court over it.

It is also the reason why commissioning symbol arts can result in punitive action, though I don't believe I have heard of that happening.

@John-Paul-RAGE Well, unfortunately that's not unusual, just hoped it wasn't the case.

@zaffy2005 said in Please have the option to Lock Symbol Art:

@coldreactive I don't know how things work in Japan but here in America we have copyright laws. Someone could do this, yes. And that same someone could be taken to court for it. But only if the devs allow us to make a distinction between what can be shared and what's off-limits.

They have copyright laws in Japan. But I do agree, I made an emblem, maybe about 4-6 hours, looks really nice for the clan and alliance members, and it would suck if other people just took it and edited for themselves. But I mean I kept the original and everything and it is something that I have been using for YEARS, considering My clan has existed since Gunz The Duel alpha days. That would be nice though. I mean Warframe makes you pay to upload your emblem which then you can use on anything including art. Which would be amazing if you could put your emblem on outfits, and accessories instead of those stickers.

I 100% feel this should be a thing... I would much rather people have to jump through hoops, taking screenshots, cutting & pasting, and changing file types than allowing them to just right click it, and copy my or anyones work instantly, which required 'my' time and effort to create.

The fact that this has been asked for multiple times over the YEARS, and still isn't a thing is shocking. I was excited to make Symbol art, made one, and found out recently this is a thing... not spending hours creating art for others to STEAL. You wouldn't even need to add anything, just remove the option to "Share Now" and "Save".

@Shauneh13 There's a balance to be struck, though. Some people create SAs specifically to be shared and are happy to see them spread across all the servers. Others create them for a very specific purpose (personal "brand," Alliance logo, etc.) that is unique to them, and they don't want others "stealing their identity," in essence.

Which means "all open" and "all closed" are both going to miss the mark. We need a sort of digital "watermark" or "tag" that can be applied to the SA that distinguishes it as personal or shareable so that those who want to share can do so and those who want it kept within a certain circle can also do so.

Granted as long as screenshot functions still exist no amount of "digital locking mechanisms" will ever truly put an end to art theft, it can at leas be made a little more time consuming to at least discourage it in part.

@John-Paul-RAGE @zaffy2005 SEGA doesn't actually own the art, what they own is the rights to distribute the art through a client, like say PSO2. It's basically legalese to cover their butts in case someone tries to sue for having their art displayed in the game.

@Grave-Knight Very smart of them isn't it.

@ERICK001BC It's not about being smart, it's about what is necessary. A lot of things companies have to do to cover their butts is actually quiet stupid. The lawyers know it's stupid, judges know it's stupid, but if they don't do the stupid thing someone might use that against them.