Chaotic mothership in this case, there was one before it, but it contains a boss I'm not sure can be used in this version being Cougar Ex/Ace. So I'll just focus on the ep2 one in this post. If you guys have the files for it, would it be possible to implant it inside as a limited quest?

It goes on a point system but isn't holding people to a 30 minute timer and strips away the worry of having to finish alone if others were already inside as they can simply match to another block if it gets too empty for them. I don't know if it is as exp giving as aqs, but I think people will like it regardless if they get to play with others freely without having to wait on an urgent quest, joining on time on a free field as others, or setting up a grind party in advanced quests.

I'd love a quest where I can grind and fight strong bosses alongside 11 others that I could repeat as much as I want. ^^

I don't think it'll replace urgent quests. But it would be somethings else to do while we wait for them and tired of aqs.