Regarding Potential Collaborations

I've watching some trailers of several collaborations that have been made for the Japanese servers, but the thing I find very disappointing is that these collaboration items were locked behind AC Scratch Tickets at the time. Would Collaboration Events come to after the main release, could you have them as special Questlines and Client Orders that unlocks these items instead of AC Scratch Tickets?

I would love to see this in a Collaboration

Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! The outfits just scream PSO to me ^^


It would be nice to see them, but it definitely looks like they are just in the game without any real notification to them. I mean the fate saber hair, mai from kof hairstyle, rei from evengelion, blaze blue ragna and nu/llambda, with some other stuff. It looks like they might be stripping what they have already and just releasing stuff without the bundles. We just got the 2b outfit without it saying anything about the game Nier. I think also with collaboration and copy write/licence issues we may not see all of it here. And if we do it will be bits and pieces scattered. But we will have to wait and see.