Campaign: Join an Alliance!

ARKS Operatives, unite! Join an Alliance in Phantasy Star Online 2 and receive special rewards! Learn more by reading this article!

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ARKS Operatives, rally your friends for the approaching CAMPAIGN! Campaigns are in-game objectives that can be achieved by players in order to obtain special rewards! We have several upcoming campaigns, so make sure to check our official social media pages and website on a regular basis!

Phantasy Star Online 2 is all about community! Join an Alliance and strengthen bonds with operatives with like-minded goals and ability! In this campaign, players who become members of an Alliance during a certain period will be able to obtain special rewards! Check the table below for more information!

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Campaign Date: 04/14/2020 to 04/29/2020


*Requirements must be met between the end of Maintenance on 04/14 and 5:00 AM PDT on 04/29.

**Player must belong to an Alliance at the end of the Campaign for completion.

***Rewards will be distributed on 05/12, they will be sent to the “Receive Campaign Items” of your Visiphone.

****Campaign rewards need to be claimed before a set deadline. Visit your Visiphone in-game for more information about specific rewards.

With a SG20 TICKET you can redeem twenty Star Gems (SG)! This unique currency can be used to purchase items in the SG Shop, Mission Pass Tiers, and much more! Join an Alliance, make new friends, and get cool prizes! Once in an Alliance, you can use your new Emote for an Impromptu Tea Party! How much fun will that be?!

-The PSO2 Team

Here's a better look at the Emote in action~