We hope you’re ready to be challenged by new Urgent Quests, Arks! Make sure your best teammates are armed and ready for a new onslaught from the Falspawn! Read this article to learn about what else we have in store for April of 2020!

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Hello again, Arks! We know you’ve been kept quite busy, as the Falspawn never cease in their ruthless attacks on those who resist their corruption. Though we have won past battles, we have not yet won the war. Our capability has been tested in recent Urgent Quests, and in response the Falspawn have brought the war to our home turf. We hope you’re prepared to greet them with a bared sword or lifted talis in these new Urgent Quests!

Gather eleven of your fellow operatives to join you on these epic quests, which you can find a more detailed explanation of here. Prepare for blaring loudspeakers and flashing red lights throughout the ARKS Ship, as these serve the purpose of calling for Arks to prepare for battle. Fortify yourself for combat, and then head to the Quest Counter, where clerks are standing by.

April 2020: Part 2

The month of April still has a lot more to offer in Phantasy Star Online 2! Check the information below to get up to speed on the Urgent Quests and Quna’s Live Stage Events that are happening in April!

UQpart3.PNG UQpart4.PNG

*In addition to the Urgent Quests listed in the schedule above, ARKS Operatives will also be able to face several Urgent Quests at random times throughout the day.

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The Cunning Black Winged Vanguard

Duration: 30 Minutes. (Repeatable: each run must be completed within 20 minutes.)

Your immediate attention is needed, Arks! The Mothership has been corrupted and is moving to intercept the main fleet of Oracle. As this course runs countermand to previous navigational orders, it is believed that the helm has been taken over by Dark Falz and his minions. Operatives are to prepare for an all-out attempt to retake what is ours, eradicate all Falspawn, and locate Dark Falz.

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The False Champion: Luther the Fallen (Sequel)

Duration: 30 Minutes. (Players must complete "The Cunning Black Winged Vanguard" to gain access to this Urgent Quest.)

The readings of corruption from the Mothership have increased in amplitude, indicating that Dark Falz Luther is aboard. He is familiar with the layout of the Ship, so Arks should be wary of traps and ambushing Falspawn. The outcome of the final battle is in the hands of our brave operatives, and we have no doubt they shall triumph.

That’s it for the new Urgent Quest and Concert schedule for the rest of April 2020. Remember to always be ready for combat though, operatives, as unexpected incursions of Falspawn may happen outside of these times. See you in the game!

-The PSO2 Team