Quest Triggers will allow you access to special quests outside of scheduled times. Read this article to learn more!

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Sometimes, hoping for a specific Urgent Quest to appear just isn't enough. In times like this, it’s a good idea to get yourself a Quest Trigger, which is an item that is guaranteed to initiate a specific quest, corresponding to the name of the trigger. Quest Triggers can occasionally be found in the Fresh Finds Shop, such as the False Champion: Luther Trigger coming soon. To learn more about the Fresh Finds Shop, see this article.


By using a Quest Trigger, operatives will have access to the specified Urgent Quest outside of scheduled–or random–availability. The operative in possession of the Quest Trigger can invite others to their party before commencing the quest. To use the Trigger, select the “Trigger Quests” menu option that is available after selecting “Sub Quests” at the Quest Counter. Then prepare yourself!


Once the Gateway Ship is boarded, the chosen Quest Trigger will be consumed, and the Urgent Quest will begin. We hope you're prepared by this point, Arks.

Be wary of the oncoming fight, Arks! Make sure you have sufficient firepower and manpower to take down your foe, as triggers are consumed after use. See you on the field of battle!

-The PSO2 Team