Valuable affixes?

I am so lost when it comes to what is good to keep/sell and what isn’t. I am probably vendoring things I shouldn’t be. Anyone able to share some advice for those of us struggling?

What affixes should I be looking out for?

Does the weapon / unit have to have a certain number of affixes on them to be valuable? For example, if someone was looking for a casting III, would a weapon with 6 on it be worth more than one with 3?

Would be awesome if we could get a reference thread for us rookies that are learning.

@hAZE-1561 Mizer souls are a definite keeper. Fang souls at 4+ slots on weapons. Vol Soul same rule as fang.

Modulator on anything at any slot level. (Can always try upsetting them) Apprentice Soul is similar to Modulator, I always grab them.

During PSO2 day, grab anything and everything rappies drop. ARKS Fever is very valuable at the moment.

There are many others, I will let others contribute.

@hAZE-1561 oh, a big one as well is the Alter/Flict augments from Extreme Quests.

Most likely, weapons and units will drop with very little slots (3 or less), but if you up slot them, they can be worth a lot of meseta (and they will be very handy for your own augmenting)


There a way to see which weapon has those augments without “confirming augment” every single weapon? And are those weapons only worth if they are maxed and unlocked? Or still valuable without grinding em?

@hAZE-1561 you will see them on the bottom rectangle of the weapon/ unit.

It will say things like "Precision I, Fang Soul, Spirit II"

Those who know which affixes to value aren't really likely to talk about them on forums or threads because that would severely limit and/or ruin their current ability to buy up good affixes super cheap due to most players who don't know any better listing good affix gear without thinking.

This is a question you should ask someone in your Alliance about. And if you're not in an Alliance that has people like that, maybe start thinking about looking for a better Alliance.