Puyo Mag

Looking for someone who needs to get puyo mag. Add me to group chat and friends list. Gamertag TradingGoatBuds.

I got someone no more requests. Thank you.

Been having hard time getting frineds to accept my group invite. Can someone add GT: Lucky 13 X with the spaces as a friend and then from within the game send me a group invite. i already have a room made but no one is accepting my group invite so we can do 1 quick chat.

From in -game go to

  • System
  • Chat Settings
  • Group chat
  • Create Group
  • Once group made, click on it with A
  • Choose Invite Friends, like Lucky 13 X I will accept invite, we talk, we win!

@TradingGoatBuds adding you in case youre online

Still need help with this please. I can't get those on friends list to help. They are fixated on thier clans.

Got it done with someone. I believe i did all the steps. Be in a party of at least 2 people, have a chat and finish a quest.

Btw PSO Dev team or GM, when cancelling a group chat invite from that menu, it still has the cancel button in Japanease kanji. Intentional?

Oh I meant to say group of 2 people not party of 2 people.