Purple field around character

Extra dumb question here but I’ve been getting this purple field around my character, is this my fury stance? I can’t seem to figure out what’s triggering this on my character.

If your Mag is lv200, then it is its SP Auto Action. The purple blades will form around you for 20 seconds when you attack a boss or mini-boss. Each hit from a purple blade will restore 1PP and give you a 0.5% Damage Bonus (can stack up to 10%). 120 seconds cooldown.

I thought it was the critical field ring that did this type effect. But I'm no pro-player and not season enough to understand the mechanics.

The Original thread poster didn't identity his or her gear spect specific?

@RainGinyu Critical Field (the Bouncer Skill and the Ring version) isn't purple, it is more of an amber colored ring around you.

Here is a video that shows what all the Level 200 Mag SP Actions look like (the first one is the MEL one): PSO2 - Mag SP Actions Lv.200

And you can see what Critical Field looks like here: PSO2 JP - Bouncer Guide (@~1:37 if on Mobile)