Where to get rappy mag ?

I am playing the North Amercan PSO2. I would like to know where/how I can get a rappy mag?

got to trade in 20 ac items for it at the swap shop or buy it from the personal shops

I'm not sure where to put this but I've seen a few people with rappy mags. How on earth do you obtain those special mags? Do you have to be premium or can you do quests?

After you get your Mag to lvl 100, you can feed it an evolution device. The dreamcast we get from the closed beta rewards (I think??) is an evolution device to have a dreamcast Mag.

That's not what I asked.

... You asked how people are getting a Rappy Mag.. That is an Evolution Device.. It's an item that you feed to your mag after it reaches level 100. I used the Dreamcast mag as an example.. if you want specifically the Rappy Mag evolution device I... think it was a reward for one of the founder pack things? Or it could have been in currently ending AC scratch ticket list.

I know it's evolution device. That wasn't my question!!! How the hell do you obtain it?! THAT was my bloody question.

Yeah I assumed as much after the very descriptive "That's not what I asked" response as it's the only other kind of information I could gleam from your question, which I gave my answer to. Though it seems like according to DJ Cuddles above me, you can find it in the Swap Shop. Try looking around the various shops for things if you want something you see another player with, and be a little more specific with questions to get directly to the answers you seek.

Swap shop as stated above. Not sure if still there though.