No login stamps?

As the title says, I haven't received a login stamp in a couple of days now. First noticed the issue yesterday, wrote it off as "lol maybe I did get it and forgot", but got on today to nothing again.

Any ideas?

@Memyx scratch that. I changed blocks and they came through. Super weird...

It works like that on most free to plays / games with "Login stamps." Tree of Savior also has this "issue." (It's not an issue, it's a limitation of how MMOs actually function reliably.) To given a example with how we found out how bots track people in Final Fantasy XIV: Each map has a list of players "cached" to the map. If you talk, do emotes/etc. you appear on this list of players, and bots currently hiding in geometry / out of sight can immediately find you without ever seeing you, or being in a place where they wouldn't be able to target you (or you them) in the first place.

Similarly, each individual "map" is a "map server," in each world/ship. So each "block" is actually a separate sub-server within the ship. These are often referred to as "Channels." Without you changing channels, the game cannot process the information needed to update your character data.

In the eye of a single-player game developer, these would be called a "cell," like in Skyrim.

@coldreactive Interesting.. well, thank you very much for the insight!