UK release date?

When is it due for uk? 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊

Waaaaay after it is due for PC.

There are no current plans for a UK release.

An EU release date is not yet confirmed at all... meanin we aren't even at a "When" but on a whether "Will it or will not".

That said, nothing's stopping EU players from playing the NA version and supposing an EU version releases it would most likely have you playing on the same servers as NA (just able to get the game and buy AC without changing console region).

I suppose it depends on if Microsoft can convince Sega to do a UK release too or at least to let them add EU servers with full monetization support for the EU regions.

and by servers I assume "Ships" right? @Mattwo7

Having another version of PSO2 NA but "for EU players" is not only ideal but would be an extra expense when they could just do like older titles (and other games) do and have the NA version be a "global" version which EU players can play on.

@Leonkh99 said in UK release date?:

and by servers I assume "Ships" right?

That depends, are ships servers or shards and are other servers involved? I meant servers running the same exact game as the NA version, accessible through the NA version launcher, physically located in the UK.

Ahh yes, each "Ship" is a shard with each block as an instance (hosting blocks is where MS Azure's load balancing is applied to).

A 'bare minimum' EU release would be something akin to PSOBB, that one didn't even have servers hosted in EU and it was 'officially' known as "PSOBB US". Only reason people say that one was released in Europe is cause:

  • You didn't download the game from a digital storefront which could list games differently based on region but rather the game website.
  • EU players could still pay for a subscription without much issue.

So a PSO2 EU release could literally just be Sega making the game downloadable by players from outside of NA...

The game was age rated across several European countries and Australia at the start of the year so I would say we have at least some chance of what we currently have becoming a global server.

For now if you want to play just change your location on your Xbox to the US to download the client, Paying for things is abit of a pain in the arse though had to use a US address here and get Microsoft gift card codes to pay.

There’s work around for Xbox and pc I imagine you can just download it regardless of region so it probably would be easier to play on the NA server . There is not even a estimated timeframe for a EU server so it may not release or release at a much later time frame

I imagine like in JPN one of the ships will become heavily influenced with EU players

it so good like it is atm. We can do all our fails on the US servers πŸ˜„ If after that comes a EUR release we can rush it πŸ™‚

I play on US server with no problem but buying AC is. Can't Buy off The store. Can't buy xbox gift cards as don't have US address.

@Bl4h Just putting that here for proof that Microsoft Store does have rating for outside US :

PSO2 Eu rating.png

Screenshot from the MS store btw.

I'm wondering if they had originally planned an EU release but delayed it due to the UK potentially classifying loot boxes as gambling. This whole thing feels like a Mobile release where they say it's the "Global" version but it's actually US and Canada.

@GHROTIC said in UK release date?:

I'm wondering if they had originally planned an EU release but delayed it due to the UK potentially classifying loot boxes as gambling.

Joke's on them, UK is (almost) (kinda) (soon) out of EU (maybe) πŸ˜„

More seriously, as an EU newbie, it was quite strange to see large ads for PSO2's "new launch" on the MS EU store, end up on the game's EU page, and see that it wasn't available in EU... if the PEGI classification was already ready, why specifically restrict access to the game ? Or are localized translations necessary within EU market ? It would be weird, but...