Windows 10 Release

When can we expect the windows 10 launch of this game?

When? Soon.

Says so right there on the bottom of the website.

@Ilúvatar coming soon is not a date

I think when the Open Beta period is done.

All they have been telling people for 3-4 months is Spring 2020, Which is anytime between now and June 20, since Spring already started. For all we know, it could even be the end of Spring.

@Ragnawind Technically, fiscally the Spring Quarter runs from April 1st until June 30th, so they could release on June 30th and still technically claim it is Spring.

It was understood that PC & Xbox One would be released in a similar timeframe.

What's been confusing is that there's been no official developer information, that I can see anywhere on any social media site or press release, regarding the release at all.

Last year, it was reported that PC & Xbox would receive a simultaneous release. Nintendo Switch would be cloud streamed, PS4 would eventually follow after PC & Xbox was established. Cross-play on all consoles to be on one server.

I'm wondering how to prepare my community of 3,000+ for this game but there's not been any help on this.

Devs or tech folk, can any light be shined on this please?

With all due respect @RobAtTheWiire , Sega never once specified that the PC and Xbox One release would be simultaneous. Yes the website didn't have a "COMING SOON" underneath the Win 10 logo... since it was a Teaser website during a time when not much else was even available publicly, not even a social media precense.

That was not helpful @Leonkh99 , considering you can Google 20 separate news sites saying the exact opposite.

But this is: