Please take off color pass for CAST skintone

I love my cast but didn't realize there were so many disadvantages for choosing this race when I started the game. Aside from not being able to wear many of the outfits in the game, color passes are very expensive to come by. I have noticed that other characters are able to change between skins without a color pass. I think there should be an exception for CAST races also. Either that or please make the color passes easier to obtain!

Wait... Do you mean the cast parts or what's underneath them? Cast parts aren't skin, they're outfit pieces, aside from the head parts of course, those function the same as hairstyles.

@Mattwo7 No I mean the actual skintone. Not the layers.

@VIOLET-VEND3TTA Layers? You mean the body/arm/leg parts? Those aren't layered wear, the body part works like a one piece outfit for the other races and the other two are unique to casts...

@Mattwo7 There are outfits we can wear that are normal clothes. Under our layers we have flesh. We can change our skin just like every other race but the only difference is that we have to use a color pass.

Technically, it is only female CASTs that have this issue since their Skin Color is linked to Subcolor 2 while all other races and genders, including male CASTs, have a dedicated Skin Color option. I have to admit, I have always hoped that they would change this since it seems like such an odd choice, especially back when Salon Passes were AC-only.

That said, in theory Color Change Passes will be a bit more common once they update the Log-In Stamps to the most recent Japanese version which includes one; additionally, I imagine that once we hit full release, we might be seeing promos where they release non-seasonal Rappy Suits which can be traded 1:1 for a Color Change Pass at Swap Shop 2.

I would like it to be easyer to chage colors too