All 75s already? How?

How are people getting all classes to 75 so quick? Or better question, how do you have the patience?

I’ve got some serious hours into this game. I have my main/sub class to 75 and the others are scattered levels. Leveling the two to 75 alone has me burnt out. I cannot run another AQ.

Some people just rush it all, others likely knew what to do from the Japanese version, etc.

That's just it, people spamming AQs to level up.

And it's really easy to amass items to get into Advanced Quests, especially when you can trade in As and Bs to get C, D, E, Fs.

I also remember getting to 50 SMN in FFXIV within 3 days of its launch in 2013. I mostly pulled it off by doing Boss FATEs with Topaz Carby/Titan-Egi, because it was still a tank pet, and we had Sustain. It could solo pretty much all non-group boss FATEs. In addition, on its release, DPS and healer were in need for weeks in the duty finders, not tank. I stopped doing story for a while because of issues with the duty server due to unprecedented high server load due to all the players and Square Enix not thinking there would be so many people.

Every time an expansion came out, server load would skyrocket to the point of them nearly crashing, so they had to limit the amount of people who could login, and put them into a login queue. Not to mention, they would add an auto-kick system to remove AFKers from the game during the initial couple weeks when an expansion released.

All of this caused people who stayed in the servers to get ahead of those who could not get into the servers. Which is why I'm still a bit peeved on PC version not coming out yet. I'm going to be going on a server that has yet to have a community, so SEGA can't use the "we want the servers to have a community and market before we let people in" excuse that FFXIV used to separate legacy players from normal players.

There's not really much else to do. I spent all day sunday running 50 threat nightfall and didn't get a drop with boosters on. I decided, i am not playing that game. I don't mind grinding but this isn't like a raid setting with super challenging content right now.

getting to the AQ level is easy in a few hours. WIth boosters, takes me a couple days to get a 75 and I am not even that hardcore.

have 75 ranger, hunter, gunner, and fighter. my alt account i started sunday is 65. everything else except bouncer is 55 at least. if you are in an active guild or have a group just running vhaq's , i could see having every character leveled to 65 in a week time.

@Taconight1977 hunting rare drops is never advisable, the rates are very low and with the current content there is no alternative to either buying the best weapons or getting lucky on a drop. It is better to focus on meseta earning objectives, collecting affixes, and leisurely playing the things you enjoy. IMO AQs are the most boring way to farm anything.

With 150% exp boosters, 125% tribooster (or the 200% 6 hour one from scratch frequency reward) and the occassionally 50% EX EXP booster makes it very easy to hit 75 relatively fast, especially if you optimize your xp grinding sessions. Staying away from Super Hard AQs will give the fastest results, as well as choosing maps with large enemy density / elemental weaknesses you can match.

During this quarantine we all have going on, I think it's pretty easy. I am leveling my last class to 75 right now (currently at all 75s and 1 x 73). Boosters and AQs. That's all I do all day.

If i didn't stand around in the gate area dancing my ass off, i could have had a few more Lv75s.........

because they are actually running content not sitting in the lobby all day hanging out

@Fayde said in All 75s already? How?:

If i didn't stand around in the gate area dancing my ass off, i could have had a few more Lv75s.........

Love it!


  1. Pop you Boosters such as 100% EXp or Triboost. You will not run out.

  2. IF you are afraid you will run out of boosters run the one of the 3 Recommnedet Missions that give a Present at the End. IT is usually always a booster.

  3. Run the Urgent Quest with Max party. Take 5 minutes to join a party. Spam in the lobby you wnat an invite.

  4. Client orders. After you pick a mission. Go thrigh your menu and select Client ORders. It will give you a list to accpet that can only be done in your mission.

  5. Do the 5 Daily Quest. It gives 250,000 EXP. 1st pikc one of the recommned Missions. Then go through pick a Daily Order from Tip 4. Then go in ship and Pop and EXP booster. Then buy a shifta drink in the ship. Then run the miision and get S rank. BOOM over 250K of EXP.

  6. When you get Higher than 50 run Advance Quest. They give the same EXP as most Urgetn Quest.

With the above tips I can get 1 million EXP in 1 hour Easy.

@NEXTEL-CUP said in All 75s already? How?:

Run the Urgent Quest with Max party. Take 5 minutes to join a party. Spam in the lobby you wnat an invite.

You can use the quick menu on the group setting to drop a group beacon...

Im not maxing cause i want to do that when new stuff drops. we are just at elder. im waiting till at least double before i really grind.

It's better to wait it out, don't rush. JP has the passive 400% Exp buff which makes leveling much more easier so wait until full game releases. It'll take a day to hit 75 on one class once it drops.

@I-did-camp nerd lol love ya bagel