New April Game Pass Perks

I checked the perks page the other day and saw new perks. The perks weren't anywhere near as good as last month, but I figured that I can't really complain. The had something like scratch tickets or XP boost 100%, nothing memorable. Anyway, I took a picture of my code to put in later and forgot about it until today. When I went to enter them in, the system said that my code was incomplete. I noticed that the code was only 15 characters long. Xbox codes are 25 characters. I took a picture of the whole screen and it shows that there are only 15 characters in the code, so I know it isn't wrong.

I went back to the perks screen and the only one they have there now for me is last month's code. The new one is completely gone.

Anyone else notice these shenanigans?

did your ultima game pass run out before you redeem it ? It should be in the game pass app -> player perks -.scroll down to your codes the code is suppose to be 25 letter/number long the code is in the website (the X) betwn the Qr code and the perk picture
scan Qr code to redeem or enter code at view the visophone receive campaing to claim ingame

at least it how it look on my xbox

It might be shenanigans , people were having issues with the 1st .

No, it didn't run out, I have mine through 2022. I understand that it's supposed to be 25 characters long as I pointed out the same thing in my post above. This one was not 25 characters long and it wasn't the same perks as the first set last month. This one had much fewer items included as perks and it was only 15 characters. I know because I took a picture of the screen that I still have on my phone.

Now the code and any mention of the new perks has disappeared along with the code. The code for the old perks is the only thing there now.

Has anyone else seen anything like this?