Quna needs more songs to sing, and tbe Warcry ability needs a re-work.

1st topic Quna, Okay I think most of us have heard her ONE song enough times that we've practically memorized it if we haven't already.. and I was thinking why does she only sing Just that one song she's suppose to be a pop idol right shouldn't she at least get enough songs 4 a soundtrack? 2nd topic Warcry needs Serious buff. It cannot Retain Aggro at all it needs a 100% aggro gain while active period. a 30-45% damage reduction while it's active, and the Duration should be 20-60 seconds Not TWO SECONDS.. that laughably short duration makes the ability completely useless for Tanks in general it can't even retain Aggro since anyone attacking will immediately remove the Aggro gained. Tank Hunter Needs to be viable SEGA otherwise the class as whole suffers. Everyone stay safe have a Happy Easter 0 Fellow Arcs!

The Warcry fix will come when the level cap is raised to 85. Nothing that can be done except wait. As for Quna she does have more songs, but two are simply a different mix of her current songs and the other two came with episode 4, so I wouldn't expect those ahead of it.

I am kinda at the point where I would rather there be no Quna concerts rather than have the same 1 song over and over.

The 25% triboost doesn't do much anyways.

@After-Doomsday2 , in JP Quna has more songs which get added over time. In addition, Quna's not the only one who performs in concerts as well and some concerts even introduce minigames which you play during them.

As more content is unlocked these may be available in the NA version.

I wonder if We Are Arks and Rare Drop Koi Koi will get official English covers too? I'm pretty sure We Are Arks is sung by the guy who did the Daytona USA (Rowing Staaaaaaaar! Day-E Toner! Let's go away!) soundtrack, if that's true then I'm sure he could do an English cover of it.