Looking for non anime alliance

I know this is a weird request but I'm a long time fan of the PSO franchise I’m just not an anime fan so I’m looking for other players in my age range that aren’t obsessed with anime. I’m 29, I’m laid back, and easy to talk to.

By the way if you like anime that’s totally cool I’m not mad at you I used to watch Dragonball Z when I was a kid I just kind of grew out of it, not really my thing anymore. PSO is way better when you have a close group of friends to play with so hit me up if you’re looking for more players.

What ship do you play on friend?

@Nyles-Locke I'm on ship 1, I just started playing though so I could easily switch.

Well if you want, our family known as Midnight Lotus are always looking for people to join us and we play on ship 1. Granted I should say that a lot of us do like anime enough to warrant its own channel on our discord. At the same time, however, it’s never talked about in game aside from a few magical girl jokes, since a bunch of us use qunas outfit, and Is rarely discussed on the discord channel dedicated to it. If this turns you off from us though, then don’t worry. I just wanted to let you know ahead of time and not hide anything from you.

@Nyles-Locke What's the age range of your group? Honestly I'm not a big hater or anything people like what they like. I just want to be able to understand the references lol I'm also looking for a group that uses voice chat.

I know there’s quite a few of us that are in our late 20’s, me included, and some in their early 30’s but I’m not sure on most of the members I’m afraid. As for voice chats, we usually stay up at night doing calls on discord. However, we recently merged with an alliance that did a lot of calls over Xbox and still do from time to time if that’s more your preference.

@xSQUIDWILLISx my bro and I are looking to grow our alliance GT Blackjack Andy & Night Eagle037 we're in our early 30s and really chill. The alliance is really for the perks line stat boost we're aren't about that crazy change your name and you have to be active and stuff. If you're interested we'd like to have you join in.

Yeah sure, if you guys want add me on discord: Squidwillis#6965 just looking for a non anime centered group of people to play with hopefully old people like me haha late 20s +