weapons not showing up in inventory or storage when i try to sell them from personal shop

i am premium and im trying to sell 2 specific weapons in the personal shop. when i select put items up for sale from inventory or i select put items up for sale from storage the weapons arent on the list. i know they are sellable items because i was able to check the market price and others are selling them. the weapons are shot revolsio and cannon revolsio. would appreciate help.

did you upgrade them since they are 13* they are bound to your account, but you can go to the ex-cude exchange and get a liscense cancel and then you take it to the augemnt person use it on the weapon you are trying to sell it will unbind it

it says licence cancel only works on 12* and lower but it still worked. thank you so much.

I just tried this. It worked for me. The weapon owner cancel pass (from the excube shop) works on 13 star weapons, but for some reason it says in the description only works for up to 12 star weapons.