What does manipulating the water level at Seabed achieve?

I've found the switches that lower the water level 3 times revealing the actual seabed but I can't really parse what has changed mechanically. Does it grant access to new areas? Thank you!

There are hazards that are present throughout the map. Charge Stars, Bomber slugs, gum anenomes. If you keep the water level low, these traps won't trigger. But if the water level is up, they will. Therefore, it is advised to keep it low whenever you can.

@Pun Ah thank you! Those hazards really are annoying.

I believe it also affects enemy AI. Talobeckos, for instance, have an attack where they spit water. The range is much longer when the water is high.

I think.

If I can remember it correctly, a very long time ago on the JP version the water used to reduce our running speed as well. Not the case anymore though, I sadly can't remember when they changed it. (Probably had something to do with the several running buffs we got throughout the years.)

Or maybe I've just been dreaming it.

I don't believe it ever lowered your movement speed.

Not 100% sure but I think aquatics move faster in high water level. Not that it matters since they die the moment they spawn.