Give party members more visibility

It's really odd that I can see the icon of partner players better than I can the actual human players. I can always see those yellow exclamation marks very well but as a healer I am constantly losing sight of my party through the tick of battle, especially in multiparty areas. Even the ARKS star stands out less. It would be really nice to have an option to emphasize the party members, even give them the color gem that they have assigned to them on the main HP UI and put it above their heads. Just another quality of life thought, thank you!

One solution you can try is to change the HUD options so that only your party members appear with blue names above their head. The description of this option is actually wrong since it says that it changes the color of your party's names, but it actually is to show that other people are in parties. Whether you set it to White or Blue, your party's names will be in blue: alt text

@AndrlCh Oh yes, I've definitely done this and it almost makes it worse actually with a lot of the blue environments! I'm curious, does anyone else feel this way? I hear people say that the emergency code hurts their eye fatigue, but mine hurts from straining to make out players haha.

@Merelambasted Personally, I always just keep track of my party members using the mini-map; I keep it in the zoomed-in mode so I can usually eye-ball how far they are from me without needing to bother with names since I'm so used to seeing Japanese names I couldn't differentiate at a glance, and the habit has held over.