There REALLY needs to be some clear indication of what a Premium Set gets you In Game.

The current In-Game purchase pipeline for "Premium Set" does not provide sufficient information about why a player might actually want such a thing. There needs to be better information available to a player who has never heard of a "Premium Set" to understand the benefits of it. Potentially in one of those Tutorial Pop-Ups, and ideally as a permanent Banner / Tab / Etc. of the AC Shop Window. It actually offers significantly more than is immediately apparent, but without External Player Run Resources, the average gamer has no idea about any of it.

In Tree of Savior, you get a UI pop-up when you attempt to use a "Token," which is their Premium subscription consumable item. It tells you what you will get. However, there's also a small buff icon that has some of the information on it too (though the buff icon tooltip doesn't say exactly what you get.) The tooltip in Tree of Savior also says how many days are left. (Maximum of 60 days, which is NOT SAID ANYWHERE ON THEIR WEBSITE. IE: Tree of Savior withholds the maximum amount of days you can have premium for.)

Heh, well I'd want them to advertise before folks buy it, so that the majority of players (Who aren't going to have any idea what it is) will understand the benefits. If there is a concern that Brand New players won't get the benefits, then have it trigger at a level or progress point.

Technically, you can see what is in the Premium set "in-game" since you can select the Online Manual from the Title Menu, and go to the "Using AC" section. But I agree, it would be nice if there was some kind of pop-up when you select it in the AC Shop that gives you a list of what is included.

Something should show up in the Shop. I'd even say it's important enough to warrant its own tab. Cause there's almost 0 Chance a random player is ever going to see that manual entry when poking around in the AC Shop. Thanks for the link though! I'd not have seen it either. 😜