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About Us: Yes we are opening up our Roster once again for new members. Are you tired of making one mission friends and running constantly solo ? Want to stay away from toxic LFG groups? Then come check our Alliance out. We have a great officer team as well as a great discord atmosphere. Here we organize runs as well as UQs and Alliances Triggers. We actually run with our members. We believe in quality over quantity. Everyone is here to assit you on having a great time on PSO2. We accept all levels only rule is must be 18+ to join..

Come make memories with us as we continue to grow in the world of Phantasy star

☆Ship 02 ☆Alliance: Unknown Exilez ☆Founder: Codebreaker v1 ☆Officers: Shadowviper7, Korrupt salt, Nameye, ☆Alliance level :5 ☆Member count: 53 ☆Discord: Yes

Things we can teach/Help you with

☆Affixing ☆Skill tree ☆weapons/Armor ☆Alliance tree level 4 xp and lvl 5 rare drop boost. ☆Leveling ☆and more

~Codebreaker v1~