Mission Pass accessories

I finally finished my tiers and the extra tiers in the Mission Pass to find out that accessories like the different cast head gear isn't available for my other character once I redeemed my tickets. The items earned through the Mission pass should be account shared instead of character shared because it feels like I wasted my time with it but most importantly like i wasted my money, an update like that for the Mission Pass accessories to be shared among all your characters in the account would be a great thing.

I agree with this I also think the fresh finds should be account bound as well

Honestly I don't see why ALL accessories/cosmetics shouldn't default to account-based. But at the same time, it's a free game. They have to make development capitol somewhere. From what I've seen (only been playing for like a week and have no idea about the "real money" items) accessories, hairstyles, etc. that you unlock by using the associated item have three "tiers." Use the item once and it unlocks for that character (I don't know for certain but I believe you might lose access to it if you delete that character), use the same item a second time and it unlocks for other characters (I assume this would mean auxiliaries, and may unlock that item for that character's "slot," so if you delete that character and make another in the same slot that new character will have access to it? I don't know, this second tier is not very well explained at all in the game's UI), and using it for a third time unlocks it for the entire account (no matter how many characters you create on that account). So assuming you can get two more copies of that item you can have it available for every character on your account regardless of how many characters you create (you get three slots for free, you can buy additional slots for AC).

But again, my feeling is it's a cosmetic item, we shouldn't have to buy it three times to get "full access" to it. But then again there are a lot of "expenses" I'm not overly keen on, but it's still overall a much better value than, say, Bungie's "Destiny" microtransactions.

Yes! These need to be account bound!

Also, their description specifically says that they are available for ALL your characters, so another case where they are super misleading. If I'd had known they were for a specific character, then I would have unlocked them with the character I wanted to wear them, but I'm just SOL. Thanks a lot. Again.