Quality of life tweak for Disc drops

I really like how in your inventory the text for the photon arts and techniques that you've already learned or have at a higher level appear grey. At a glance this provides really good negative feedback allowing for swifter item management.

Unfortunately this makes the persistently white text of disc drops out on the field that much more glaring. I feel like this same kind of system would really streamline the looting experience, so if I were to pass by a clump of disc drops it would be nice if the ones I either have learned or have a higher level for would appear grey as they do in my inventory. Thank you!

They actually should be grey on the field if you have used them. This is either a bug on the NA version, or it could be the fact that the text is thin, thus making it look like they are still white. I'll give it a quick check.

EDIT: Yep, the text is greyed out on a used one when it is on the field, but with how thin the text is and the shade of grey, I can see how it still looks white at a glance when you are quickly passing by it.


alt text


alt text

Grab them all. Recicle the ones you don't use. Sell PA fragments.

@landman PA frags aren't a thing in the NA version yet, neither are lv11+ PAs, so the only option is to sell them in your shop or NPC them.

@AndrlCh Oh man I could have sworn I cross examined. I'll double check on my end too to see if I have something wrong, glad to see that it's actually implemented, thank you!

Wow, after taking screenshots and looking at them, that's totally the case. I really apologize to you and the moderators, I want to respect the integrity of this forum and did not mean to ask for false wishes! As a side note I very much look forward to PA fragments so that I will have no reason to pass them up!

@GM-Deynger No need to keep this thread open, turns out a suggestion of mine is already implemented in the game, thank you!

@landman said in Quality of life tweak for Disc drops:

Grab them all. Recicle the ones you don't use. Sell PA fragments.

That's only with level 11+ ones, and crafting terminal isn't in to do that yet.