LEVEL 75 RANGER......What RING should I get????


I am very confused by the descriptions on the Rings.

  1. If anyone has some recomendations for Rings I should Buy, Please let me know.

  2. Does anyone have a link to a guide somehwere on Rings???

@NEXTEL-CUP for the (L) ring I use Non-Weak Bonus for launchers. Haven't determined which (R) ring I wanna use, still have on Boosted enemy slayer.

I use the Assault Rifle.

Is thier anything that gives a boost fro that??

@NEXTEL-CUP not exclusively, but there are a lot of choices depending on what you are looking for and what your subclass is.

Since I am RA/HU at the moment, I was considering either Critical Field or the normal attack bonus ring. Leaning more towards the Critical Field since I am primarily using Photon arts due to always having special rounds loaded.