I HIT LEVEL 75 RANGER what now???

Hi ,

I hit level 75 Ranger. It still gives me an EXP count to NExt Level about 1,600,000.

People keep mentioning EX-Cubes to give me Skills/

  1. Should I keep leveling??

  2. How long should I level over Level 75???

When you get to the level cap, the "next level" actually gives you a Class Excube, rather than another level. You can do this infinite times. So it's really up to you. When the next level cap is released, you will HAVE to get to that level cap to get class excubes again. Class excubes can buy a variety of things, including valuable items/consumables/etc. Some class trainer quests require class excubes.

I thought you could only get a max of 10 EX-CUBES???

That would defeat the purpose of the class excube trader then.

Not tryng to second guess you,

But last night some told me in game you can only do 10 Ex cubes. That they differ from other ExCubes, and that they give you skill points.

Do you know for sure they are UNLIMITED??

@NEXTEL-CUP the Class Excubes themselves are unlimited, it is the Client Order for collecting them that are limited. It only goes up to IV, which requires 10 Class Excubes all together. Only 4 bonus skill points.

@NEXTEL-CUP You can get an unlimited number of class cubes, but you only need 10 to get 4 extra Skill Points from your class trainer.

So for Ranger, who do I go see for the Client Order??>

Thank YOu

@John-Paul-RAGE I got the 10 Ranger Ex-Cubes. When I got to Risa I did not see an Ex-Cube CLient Order.

Instead when I got to Risa thier are Two CLient Orders that allow me to add 5 Skill Points per Order.

Am I missing something. Where is the Ranger Ex-Cube Cleint Order???? Thanks

@NEXTEL-CUP Skill Point Client Orders are given out in sequence; when you hit lv30, the first 5 Skill Point one appeared at Risa, and once you complete that one, you will then unlock a different one that you can then complete for another 5 Skill Points (this one became available when you hit lv45), and once you complete that one, she will start giving you the 1 Skill Point Class ExCube Client Orders one after another.

I would recommend leveling another class to level 75 to prepare in advance for the successor classes such as Hero/Scion, Phantom, and Etoile.

thanks for the Great Explanation

You should also level as many classes as you can up to 75. Not just to prepare for Scions, but because at 75 you receive a Title for each class that gives you an account wide stat boost for all characters on all classes. You'll want the extra stats later on.